Cleanliness Policy

Cleaning, safety and operations protocols

  • The Nantucket Inn is committed to the safety of both our guests and our employees. We will endeavor to follow all guidelines as set forth by the federal, state and local governments. This document is designed to communicate our precautions and protocols to you. This is not intended to be a complete list and will evolve. We welcome your questions and comments.
  • Operational components of this document reflect our current status and may change for future stays.
  • CDC guidance suggests that the most common form of COVID 19 transmission is person-to-person when not adhering to social distancing standards. Masks or face-coverings should be used when social distancing cannot be achieved.
  • The viability of the virus on soft and hard surfaces is not long term and can be remedied through proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  • Thorough handwashing and coughing and sneezing into a tissue or your elbow is highly recommended.

Travel to Nantucket

  • Effective 3/22/2021, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts advises all travelers entering from another state to self-quarantine for 10 days. Travelers are exempt if they can produce a negative COVID 19 test from the last 72 hours or have been fully vaccinated for 14 days and are without symptoms
  • The Town of Nantucket, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Nantucket Inn require that a mask or face-covering be worn in all public places and when social distancing is not possible.
  • Both the Steamship Authority and the Hyline are requiring the use of cloth masks or face-coverings by all passengers. Airlines are also requiring masks in order to board. We do not believe that masks will be provided by the transportation carrier and passengers may be denied boarding.

Shuttle services - based on seasonal demand

  • Hotel shuttle vehicles will provide limited services to/from the Visitor Services Center on Federal Street, the airport and Surfside Beach.
  • Vehicles will be restricted to a maximum of 10 occupants (including the driver) and masks or face-coverings along with social distancing guidelines for seating will be required.
  • Drivers will be separated from passengers by a plastic barrier.
  • Luggage handling will be performed by the guest. Hotel staff will only handle luggage by request. Staff will use gloves or plastic film while handling luggage.
  • Expanded facilities are available luggage storage before and after your visit.
  • Vehicles will be cleaned regularly throughout the day and electro-statically disinfected once per day.
  • Taxis, ride share and public transportation are available on Nantucket - with their own protocols.

Registration and check-in

  • Our check-in process is largely contactless. Your room will need to be fully prepaid prior to arrival and you may electronically sign your registration card prior to your arrival (we will send you the instructions by email). Your single-use check-in packet with single-use key cards will be picked up from the lobby. A socially distant front desk agent will be available to answer question and give directions to your room. If you are arriving in a personal vehicle or a taxi, we can also provide curbside check-in. Please call us from your vehicle once you arrive.
  • We would prefer not to handle cash at the front desk or any of the other hotel outlets. In order to permit room charge privileges we must have a credit card or other guarantee of payment on file.
  • During check-in and at all times when you are in a public space at the hotel, we ask that you wear a mask or face-covering.
  • The lobby area will be under housekeeping supervision and high touch points will be disinfected regularly.
  • Seating in the lobby area is restricted and social distancing is requested.
  • Restrooms are open to the public but please limit use to one occupant at a time.
  • If you need assistance, please contact the front desk by telephone and avoid returning to the lobby area.

Guest rooms

  • All of or guest rooms open directly outside.
  • All heat and air conditioning is circulated for your guest room only.
  • Once you arrive you can be certain that your room is safe and clean. The bedroom and bathroom areas have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by our properly protected housekeeping staff. All linens and single use amenities will be changed. After cleaning, the room is inspected and then electro-statically disinfected with a misting device that cleans all surfaces - soft and hard.
  • We have removed extra items that not all guests use or that may be difficult to disinfect. This includes books and brochures, extra pillows and blankets, toiletries and amenity products. If you require any additional supplies, contact the front desk for contactless delivery to your door.
  • Common touch points – door handles, light switches, thermostats, and furniture pulls will be given extra attention when cleaning.
  • The remote control for your television will be located in a clear plastic sleeve. Please keep the sleeve in place. It will be changed for every new guest.
  • Guest room telephones are required for emergency assistance. However whenever possible please use your cell phone.
  • Self-service ice will not be available. Ice is available from the front desk or lobby bar. Only single use glassware will be available.
  • Your room will be serviced by housekeeping during your stay. However should you desire, please use our Stay Safe program and no one will enter your room without advance notice and permission (unless it is an emergency) If you opt out of daily housekeeping, you may request additional towels or linens via the front desk with contactless delivery.
  • If a member of staff needs to enter your room to perform requested maintenance, touchpoints will be cleaned prior to your return.

Exterior areas and courtyards

  • Please remember social distancing guidelines and do not congregate outside guest rooms, on stairs or balconies.
  • If you wish to smoke, please do so at least 6 feet away from any guest room door or window. Smoking is not permitted on bricked walk areas, stairs or common balconies.
  • Outdoor seating areas are available.

Food and Beverage services - based on seasonal demand.

  • Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts guidelines, socially distanced dine-in and outdoor dining is permitted along with curbside delivery. Supermarkets and package/liquor stores are open under individual restrictions.
  • Per Town of Nantucket, alcoholic beverage consumption is only permitted when accompanied by a food order. Last call will be given at 11:30PM and all guests must be off-premises by 12:00AM.
  • Dining room breakfast service is available daily. Portioned items will be served by an attendant in a common point in the dining room. Service staff will provide coffee and hot beverages as well as water and juice. Service is limited to a 90 minute time window. Breakfast may be consumed in the dining room outdoor patio (weather permitting) or taken to-go.
  • Early morning to-go coffee service is available served by a staff member.
  • Lobby bar beverage service is available for dine-in or to-go to guest rooms only (no off-premises service).
  • Seating is limited to parties of 6 or less. No bar seating is available.
  • Most transactions will be handled by breakfast voucher or by room charge, as needed. Credit card and cash transactions are discouraged. 
  • All tables and chairs will be disinfected after use.
  • High touch point areas throughout the dining room and bar will be cleaned regularly.
  • Restrooms are open to the public but please limit use to one occupant at a time.
  • Guests are asked to wear masks or face-covering at all times - except while consuming food or beverage.
  • Guests are reminded to practice social distancing and not congregate at entry, near food service areas or other tables.

Services and Amenities

  • Guest laundry is available by reservation only.
  • The guest laundry will be cleaned after each use.
  • The lobby Business Center computer is available.

Recreational facilities

  • Tennis courts are open daily; weather permitting
  • Exercise room is open by reservation only and is limited to one occupant or family/quarantine group.
  • The exercise room will be cleaned after each use.
  • Indoor swimming pool and hot tub are open daily (available seasonally)
  • Outdoor swimming pool and hot tub are open daily, weather permitting. (available seasonally)
  • Lounge chairs will be available in groups of two and will be arranged to maintain social distancing.
  • Chairs will be disinfected or changed between use.
  • Other high touch points will be cleaned regularly.
  • Freshly laundered pool towels will be available; soiled linens will be stored separately for transfer to hotel laundry.
  • Restroom and outdoor shower will be open but please limit use to one occupant at a time.
  • Guests are asked to wear mask or face-coverings while in the pool area. Please do not wear a mask while swimming.
  • Guests are asked to maintain social distancing guidelines in the pool area as well while swimming. Parents are requested to assist with children.
  • No pool toys are permitted.
  • Pool bar beverage service is available in single serving containers for service to lounge chairs (no off-premises service).
  • Transactions will be handled by room charge. Cash transactions are discouraged.

Meeting and banquet space

  • All of our meeting space is available but under use orders by the state. Please contact our group sales office for more details.  


  • There is no need to physically check-out of your room. However, we would appreciate that you contact the front desk by phone when you depart.
  • If you have any outstanding charges pending, we will settle them to the credit card on-file. We will not handle any cash. We will email you a copy of your receipt.
  • After your departure, we will strip and launder, clean and disinfect your guest room, then inspect and electro-statically mist before renting to a new guest.

Thank you.

updated 3/22/2021